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MamaBear App 2.0

The app MamaBear is designed to make keeping track of the little ones a little easier. The updated 2.0 version has been released, just in time for Halloween!
MamaBear App works in three steps:
1.  Parents or guardians install and register for MamaBear on their smart phones and tablets for family monitoring view.
2. Kids install MamaBear and log in with credentials set by the parent displaying the kid’s view of the app.
3. Parents can see their kids on a map and customize their alert settings to get the precise information they want among:
·    Safe place arrival and departure alerts
·    Restricted place alert
·    Facebook and Instagram monitoring for new friends and followers, photo upload, photo or post tags, as well a restricted words.  Parents set their preferred list of restricted words to receive notifications.
·    Driving speed alert
For more information, visit or download the app in Google Play or Itunes.
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Apps to Educate


Kick your kid’s Angry Birds habit, and try these educational apps on for size.

Take a break from the same addictive games and fun-for-a-minute coloring apps. Sure, Temple Run and Dora the Explorer Coloring Adventures! can be fun, but the apps below will keep your kid’s curious mind engaged in learning in a super fun way!

Written by Hap Aziz

As parents, we understand the challenge for our children in mastering the abstract concept of time — sometimes I still have difficulty with it! The Tick Tock Clock app teaches the kiddos how to read analog clocks by showing the passage of time connected to real-life activities. The app even encourages parents and kids’ learning together. It’s available for iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone) and $2.99 to download
from iTunes.

Combining math and geography, the Bubble Combo app offers unique play for learners 10 and up. Travel bubble by bubble around the world, learning about cultures, places, history and music. The blend of arcade style provides action, while the Factoids highlight 99 different locations around the world. Like a delicious ice cream sundae, this app keeps the learner interested with a variety of flavors. It’s available for iOS. Download it from iTunes for free.

Easy peasy even for a toddler, Alphabet Car Lite helps your little one learn how to spell by choosing the right letters. Using their smart device as a steering wheel (easily mastered even by younger children), players match letters to words. It’s the only safe way to text while driving. Have your kiddo do it! The app is available for iOS and Android, and is free to download from iTunes.

It’s all about monkeying around with this super fab app! With a name like Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, it’ll make you want to play it as much as the 2- to 5-year-olds the app targets do. It teaches skills via six different games. Your little one will master counting, pattern matching and identifying colors by using the food found in a monkey’s lunch box. The app is available for iOS and Android. Find it on iTunes for 99 cents.

Does your little one run screaming when it’s bath time? Sick of reminding the kids (ad nauseam) to wash their hands? Pepi Bath is a charming game that lets young children learn personal hygiene through different situations: Pepi (as a boy or girl) standing at the sink, washing clothes, going to a toilet and taking a bath. These activities can be played in any sequence, and the humorous possibilities keep children coming back for more. It’s good, clean fun! It’s available for iOS and Android. Download it for $1.99 from iTunes.

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Symptom Checker App

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 4.36.46 PM

Be the First to Have the Florida Hospital for Children iPhone App!

Health problems and parenting issues can arise at any time. What should you do if your child develops a fever, cough, rash or sore throat? From bee stings to potty training, Docs2Go from Florida Hospital for Children is designed to address these and other challenging issues, even at crucial times when your doctor’s office may be closed.

Consult the Pediatric Symptom Checker when you’re on the go, to learn more about illness and injury, and turn to the First Aid Helper to help make quick, smart decisions about your child’s care. Along with a wealth of parenting advice and medication guides, the answers are all there, at the touch of a button.

Health problems and parenting issues can arise at any time. What should you do if your child develops a fever, cough, rash or sore throat? Docs2Go iPhone app from Florida Hospital for Children is designed to address these and other challenging issues.

Download Now:

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5 Free Apps for Kids

All kids love animals — whether it’s looking at them at the zoo or playing with their own pets, sometimes it’s good to learn responsibility before actually going to the pet store or animal shelter. These fun apps teach children about dealing with pets and the love and care that must go into having one!

Here are the five best free kids animal apps for iPhone and Android:



Puppy Dog Sitter (by TabTale)
Calling all dog lovers! In Puppy Dog Sitter, kids can choose their own puppy to dress and take care of. Pick from a wide variety of outfits to take your dog out for a day of fun. Kids learn how to take care of their dog along the way as they feed, clean, and pick up after their pup. Young kids will love having a puppy of their own and parents will love the lessons in responsibility!


My Horse (by Natural Motion)
Now kids can finally get the horse they’ve always wanted! In this app, kids are given a lifelike horse to take care of and love. Young equine enthusiasts will have to feed, and train their horse to keep him healthy and win competitions. This horse is so realistic; you might never hear your child ask for a pony again.


Fish Farm – (by raiX UG)
In this fun app, children can customize their own unique aquarium. With beautiful backgrounds and even more beautiful fish, this app is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours. Feed your fish, observe them as you play, and even annoy them by tapping on the aquarium glass (your touchscreen!). This app lets kids learn their creativity by making their own special aquatic habitats — even better than the ones in the dentist’s office.


Pet Home (by TOPGAME)
This app lets kids take in all of those stray animals that break your heart. Kids can save little animals from the rainy streets and give them a warm and cozy home. As children keep playing this fun game, they can make even bigger pet families as they breed their animals. Kids will love being able to create a unique home for all their little pets.


Clumsy Cat (by Dingo Games Inc.)
This app is guaranteed to be a hit with young kids. For the first time ever, kids are supposed to do as much damage as possible. In order to win this game, this clumsy kitty must destroy as many items before its owners return. Kids will love wreaking havoc with their new feline friends.

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For the App-Obsessed (New) Parent

These apps can help you organize and track everything from contractions to baby’s first tooth.

Normal Child, Contraction Master, Eat Sleep app If you’re like me, you will love to document every aspect of your kids’ lives. I’m constantly in Evernote (free; iPhone, iPad, Web, Android) journaling about my son’s sports and my daughter’s funny quips. And in the olden days when I was pregnant (seven years ago), I would’ve been all over an app that allows me to snap a photo of my child and document how much she weighs and how many inches she is. Instead, I have a bunch of slips of paper in a memory box. So, consider yourself lucky.

Normal Child
If you can get over the odd name of this app (who names an app Normal Child?), you’ll be tickled pink with all it does. Keep a detailed record of your child from birth to adulthood (if you so choose, although children get a little ornery by the teenage years). Assign an image to each record; then record your child’s weight, height, head circumference, photos, sizes, diseases, vaccines, allergies and milestones development. We love the image slideshow that shows you exactly how big your child has gotten through the months and years. Plus, it’s easy to record multiple children and email those updates to interested parties (read: grandparents).
Cost: $2
iPhone and iPad
Others to try: Baby Connect ($5: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web) and Baby Log ($5: iPhone, iPad, Black Berry, Android.)

Contraction Master
If you’re a first-time mom, the stress of timing contractions and knowing when to go to the hospital can be brutal. This app allows you to accurately time labor contractions and record your opinion of the strength of the contractions. Plus, it gives you notice that your contractions are close enough and strong enough that you should get to the hospital—pronto! The app even gives you a bar graph so you know your contraction history and can track trends
Cost: $2
iPhone, Android
Others to try: Contraction Monitor (free; iPhone, iPad) and Labor and Contraction Monitor ($2; iPhone, iPad)

Eat Sleep
Does it feel like your newborn is constantly attached to your breast? Are you worried your baby isn’t getting enough? Whether bottle or breast, feeding baby is never without worry. Some days I felt like my baby never stopped eating; other days she didn’t seem interested in food.
This app allows you to record your baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper habits. Plus, its super easy one-finger tap allows you to multitask without having to type in any information. As a work-from-home mom, tracking my baby’s sleep habits helped me plan my schedule. The best part? It keeps a history, so you can view trends week to week or month to month.
Cost: Free
iPhone, iPad
Others to try: Baby Feeding Log (free; iPhone, iPad) andiBaby FeedTimer ($3; iPhone, iPad)

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