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If you're a stepmom, you need to read this book.

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If you’re a stepparent, you need to know about the new book My Fairy Stepmother by Marni and Jason Prince and illustrated by Susan Tegelaar. This children’s book reveals a stepmother’s nurturing qualities that help make a house a home. We recently caught up with co-author Marni, and dug in to find out what inspired her to […]

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No Parent is Perfect: Forgive Yourself

When life’s normal challenges weigh you down and make you grouchy, parenting a blended family can be harder than usual. If you lose your cool with your spouse or kids, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and move on! Being lovably imperfect doesn’t make you a bad person. Usually when I get home from work, I am […]

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From Tension to Triumph: Two Families Co-Parenting Successfully

Meet Trish Eklund, a mom who has graciously opened up about her life. She is telling her story to help those of us who see co-parenting as an uphill battle that perhaps can’t be won. If Trish’s story is any indication, it is possible and entirely worth the effort. A little over three years ago, […]

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Co-parenting: It's Not All About the Kids

When you’re divorced and things are going smoothly with your ex in the co-parenting department, you can’t take anything for granted. The lack of gratitude you may have felt in your marriage gives way to thankfulness for how he (or she) has stepped up as a co-parent. If you’re like me, you also feel a […]

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