Molli Miller Surf School

Words by JJ West | Photo by Ashley Dishman

It’s 2018, and I am trying to help my children have fewer things and more adventures this year. My adventurous daughter asked to try surfing, so I began researching and asking my mom friends about where to go for surf lessons. Enter Molli Miller Surf School.

Molli Miller is an Orlando-based woman with impressive surfing credentials. She was a professional surfer with Billabong and traveled the world surfing and running surf camps. Couple that with her experience working at a local elementary school as a certified teacher, and I knew I had found the right instructor for my quirky little wannabe surfer (who isn’t a very strong swimmer).

The experience was great. Molli took care of everything: checking tides and surfs to schedule around Avery’s ability level, providing an umbrella and chair for me and supplying all of the equipment we’d need (including the wetsuit!). She took time to get to know my daughter’s interests and her learning style. Avery was able to stand up on a wave by her third try, and by the end of the lesson, she was riding waves all the way into the shore by herself. Best of all, Avery felt so accomplished. We called almost every member of our extended family to tell them all about her day. Chances are that if I run into any of you in the next few weeks, she’ll probably tell you all about it, too.

Molli Miller Surf School offers private and group lessons, camps and package deals for all ages and ability levels (Molli loves teaching adults, too!).

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