Fighting the Good Fight, 9 Rounds at a Time

Johanna Signori reminds us that even busy moms can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Words by Dana Nichols | Photos by Jessica Friend Photography

It was faith that called Johanna and Damien Signori to move across the world from their home in France to sunny Orlando. Just a year ago, through their church, they made a big journey to the United States. Looking for new opportunities and experiences, they decided to open a gym. This past May, they opened 9Round, a cardio fitness studio in Baldwin Park.

9Round offers a unique blend of cardio kickboxing and personal training. There are no classes. Members come and get their 30-minute workout in when it fits their schedule. Workouts are new each day to keep things interesting.

As long time devotees of a health and fitness lifestyle, Johanna and Damien loved the concept of 9Round. Johanna is a former professional dancer, and Damien is a professional football player turned personal trainer. They live and breathe the concepts at the gym: an active fitness regimen and a commitment to healthy eating. But as parents to two daughters, Naomi (5) and Tahïssa(12), they know how busy life can be and how difficult it can be to maintain a balance.

Johanna knows firsthand how hard it can be, especially for moms. Johanna tells of the advice her mom gave her when she became a mother: You must fight for yourself. She knows if she is making time for herself, her family will be happy because she’s able to do more when she’s less stressed and feeling good. Carving out time for things like getting her nails done, going for a walk or even going to the grocery store alone are all ways Johanna makes time for herself. And of course, working out at the gym is key. Though she gets some workout time in while demonstrating the moves for members, Johanna still makes time to complete a full workout for herself.

For Johanna, one of her favorite parts of owning the gym is seeing how it builds in family bonding time. Couples come and work out with their spouse. She loves to see members bringing their kids (10 years old and up) to work out alongside them.

Throughout our conversation, people wave hello and stop to talk to Johanna. Johanna and her family have only been in Orlando for a year, but they’ve already made themselves right at home, finding community, friendship and a thriving business in Baldwin Park.

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