Dare to Care this Summer with #TCSKindness

Teaching Kids to Care.

Downtown Orlando’s The Christ School (TCS) is doing an online summer initiative to remind the students to give back throughout the summer break. The #TCSKindness social movement aims to not only inspire The Christ School students to spread acts of love and kindness, but also the larger community and beyond.

“Shortly after announcing our campaign we learned about the designation of June 12th as ‘Orlando United Day,’ a collaborative effort to join with others in acts of love and kindness and continue the unity that followed the Pulse tragedy,” says Aaron Farrant, Head of School. “We felt creating our #TCSKindness campaign exemplified the values of our school and the love that we can all share with others, but it also became a wonderful way to tie into the community’s larger efforts and demonstrate how even our youngest citizens can be involved and give back by inspiring hope and love,” said Farrant.

TCS is challenging its students to demonstrate random acts of kindness throughout the summer and then have parents post pictures and videos of the acts of kindness on social media, using the hashtag #TCSKindness.

Shuler, inspired by #TCSKindness, cleaned up litter at the beach.

Emily Osburne, mom of TCS second grade student, Shuler, noticed her son looking for ways to show kindness. “He told me he was going to try to show kindness to people, animals, and the earth. What parent doesn’t love to hear that?” she asked. “I didn’t know what to expect, but on the first day, he found a dog in our neighborhood that looked lost. Normally, I think Shuler would have kept riding his bike, but this day, he stopped. He said, “This is where I can show kindness!”

Shuler spent about twenty minutes looking for the owner and he felt great for the rest of the day. Since then, he has picked up trash, done special things for his brother, and drawn a picture for his neighbor.

“I think this summer will be different from previous ones because Shuler has caught the kindness bug! Both of our boys say, “#TCSKindness” when they see an opportunity, and I don’t think they have a clue what a hashtag is!”

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