5 Secretly Healthy Recipes

Make a New Year’s Resolution to fill your family up with healthy fruits and veggies! Ready to get started? Try these five easy snack recipes from Produce for Kids and Power Your Lunchbox.

1. Flourless Rasberry Banana Pancakes

(Pictured above)
Packed with three kinds of fruit, these gluten-free pancakes are a sweet delight! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast.
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Brown Bear Bento Box

2. Brown Bear Bento Box

It’ll be hard for your kids to decide whether to play with this fun bento box lunch, or gobble it up immediately! Make little graham cracker bears, and lay out a colorful array of fruit & veggie munchies!
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Butterfly Bento Box

3. Butterfly Bento Box

Fill your kid’s lunchbox with goodies so sweet, they’ll feel like they’re outside at recess. Cut peanut butter banana sandwiches into cute little butterflies, and pack the side compartments with more healthy goodies!
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Simple Fruit Yogurt Parfaits

4. Simple Fruit Yogurt Parfaits

Yes– dessert can be healthy, too! Simply stack fruit and yogurt in a cup or bowl to make this fancy-looking delight. Bonus: cut the fruit into heart shapes for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat!
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Healthy Apple Donuts

5. Healthy Apple Donuts

At first they’ll think they’re eating a coconut-covered caramel donut… but with one bite, they’ll realize it’s a yummy fruit snack! Sprinkle with chocolate chips for a hint of sweetness to balance out the apple.
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Recipes from www.produceforkids.com and www.poweryourlunchbox.com.

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