Stick Figure Fun

Get outside to find inspiration for these adorable painted stick figures

Words and Photos by Debbie Helton

Al E. Gator

PLAY TIP: This fun activity is a great exercise in exploration, creative expression, laughter and silliness — the sillier, the better! Before you know it, magical painted stick creatures will take over your home. What could be better than that?

Stewart C. Horse SUPPLIES:

  • Sticks of all shapes and sizes
  • Acrylic craft paints
  • 3D puffy paint
  • Paint brushes


  1. Go outside to gather sticks of all sizes and shapes — the lumpier and bumpier, the better! Lumps, bumps and cracks can be a great imagination booster for your creature.
  2. Examine your sticks and discuss what you see. Go over all of your creature’s features: What could this lump be? A nose or eye? What could this crack be? A mouth or an arm? Have fun and be silly! Ask the stick what it would like to become. Trust us, your creature’s personality will begin to emerge.
  3. Use your imagination and paint the body of your creature. Don’t forget to add details such as stripes, patterns and shapes.
  4. Once the body is painted, use 3D puffy paint to add eyes, spikes and other details. Knobs on the stick make the perfect place for eyes. Use white 3D paint for the eyeballs and black 3D paint for the pupils.
  5. To make your creature come alive, give it a unique name.

craft-shack-1741b Debbie Helton is an Orlando mom and owner of The Craft Shack, which provides arts and crafts enrichment with a recycled flair through scheduled classes, private parties and corporate meetings. “Discover, Inspire, Create” at The Craft Shack, 218 W. Church Ave., Longwood, 407-448-1375,

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