All the “graduations” are a bit excessive


I was just reading a flyer about the VPK graduation at my daughter’s preschool. It reminded me of when we tortured my first born at his preschool graduation. We were all really excited about it, I asked family to travel from over 2 hours away to attend (and they did), then we laughed and pointed at a large group of 4 and 5 year olds who were giving a performance. (Note: We laughed at, not with.) I remember having a moment of realization and thinking: are we torturing our kids?

I remember attending my little cousin’s Kindergarten graduation back in the 90s.

I recently received an email from my son’s old charter school about their 5th grade graduation. That particular school has Kindergarten through 8th grade in one building. They are not even “graduating” to a new building! I don’t get it.

Remember when graduation was just for high school and college? I actually Googled the definition. Here it is:

Screenshot 2016-05-14 06.42.24

So, who started this whole slippery slope of FAKE graduation ceremonies? (Your child is not receiving a degree or diploma.) I blame private schools. As far as I can see the public schools are only hosting REAL graduation ceremonies at the end of 12th grade … You know, when students have actually EARNED THEIR DIPLOMAS!

I know VPK is the new Kindergarten, and 5th graders are doing math I only learned in community college, but damn … let’s save the graduation ceremonies to honor those students who have earned “an academic degree or diploma.”

I love a party but let’s skip the meaningless cap and gown and call these celebrations what they really are …

  1. an end-of-year party,
  2. an end-of-year performance or
  3. an end-of-year public humiliation ceremony.

Then we can keep fewer fake Facebook posts off our timeline. #BeTheChange

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