MamaBear App 2.0

The app MamaBear is designed to make keeping track of the little ones a little easier. The updated 2.0 version has been released, just in time for Halloween!
MamaBear App works in three steps:
1.  Parents or guardians install and register for MamaBear on their smart phones and tablets for family monitoring view.
2. Kids install MamaBear and log in with credentials set by the parent displaying the kid’s view of the app.
3. Parents can see their kids on a map and customize their alert settings to get the precise information they want among:
·    Safe place arrival and departure alerts
·    Restricted place alert
·    Facebook and Instagram monitoring for new friends and followers, photo upload, photo or post tags, as well a restricted words.  Parents set their preferred list of restricted words to receive notifications.
·    Driving speed alert
For more information, visit or download the app in Google Play or Itunes.
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