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With a mission to provide compelling messages and impact children and families in a positive way, MicheLee Puppets is a very special puppet show company.

Central Florida’s children are being schooled on some of the most critical social issues of today. MicheLee Puppets is tackling the social issues that are harming our kids. Show conversations range in topic from bullying to domestic violence, biracial connectedness to environmental education.

After serving as a puppeteer in college for a disability awareness show, Tracey Conner approached her college puppet partner, Michael Prazniak, about starting their own puppet company. It’s name, MicheLee, is a combination of their middle names, Michelle and Lee.

In a casual fashion like only a puppet can accomplish, MicheLee puppets talk to kids about knowing how to hydrate adequately (so your “pee is as clear as glass” — hee hee, the puppet said “pee”), or confide in a trusted grownup to help stop domestic violence. The organization refuses to simply provide an entertaining show, and instead is intentionally and strategically choosing subjects that matter.

Currently the show, Rhyme Time, for pre-K-aged students, fills the void of educational theatrical performances for children this age. A STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) show is on the horizon, which will expose kids to the need for more scientists among us. This program aims to enchant kids on the value and appeal of careers revolving around science.

Seemingly serene and sweet, MicheLee puppets are hard-core when it comes to helping keep, and often saving, our children from perilous circumstances. Hand in hand, MicheLee Puppets has worked with organizations such as the Volusia County Health Department, the Holocaust Center and even the Victim Program Center to produce videos that get distributed to schools. As the puppets talk to elementary-aged kids, tweens and teens about everything from bullying to walking to school and sexual assault, kid angst is quelled by the puppets as the audience learns it’s important to speak out, stop hurting others and help one another keep safe.

Word of mouth is how these shows get booked, so call your school today and request a puppet appearance by MicheLee Puppets for your (and all of our) kid

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