Buddy's Brick Bunch Ambassadors


Three Central Florida kiddos were selected to be special ambassadors for Florida’s newest theme park.

Imagine having unlimited (free!) access to Legoland Florida and the chance to go on camera promoting super fun rides. We talked to the three Central Florida kids who were chosen from more than 400 applicants to be part of the first ever Buddy’s Brick Bunch, a panel of six children from around the state who are serving as ambassadors and kid reporters of Legoland Florida for one year. It’s easy to see why they were selected. These kids are amazing!

Alek Schoneck, Age 11, of Sanford (pictured above)
When Alek Schoneck was only 6 years old, he built the Lego Galactic Enforcer set in one morning. “I’ve been building with Lego bricks ever since I saw them when I was 18 months old,” says Schoneck, who is in sixth grade. Schoneck says his mom saw the call for Buddy’s Brick Bunch applicants on the Legoland Facebook page. “It was my birthday, and she asked if I wanted to apply. Of course, I said yes,” says Schoneck. “I like going behind the scenes, seeing the Lego stuff that’s coming!”

  • Number of times at Legoland: “I lost count!”
  • Favorite ride: Quest for Chi
  • Coolest perk: “They gave me an Ambassador package that lets me into any Legoland in the world for free — forever!”

Alexander Rodriguez, Age 9, of Orlando
Alexander Rodriguez’s passion for Legos is obvious. “I’ve been playing with them since I was little. I just kept getting better and better at building,” says Rodriguez, who is in fourth grade. His favorite Lego set is the Marvel Super Heroes Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout. Once Rodriguez was selected, he says, “I got to go to Legoland and meet the other kids who were chosen. I was so surprised to get picked.” So far, he’s gotten to ride the World of Chima rides and talk to reporters about the newest section of Legoland Florida.

  • Number of times at Legoland: “About eight times.”
  • Favorite ride: Quest for Chi
  • Favorite activities: Swimming and playing video games

Angela Winiewicz, Age 9, of Orlando
After getting the call from Legoland that she was selected as a member of Buddy’s Brick Bunch, Angela Winiewicz says she “ran outside and screamed. I was so excited!” The fourth-grader says she plays with Legos because “I want to be an architect when I grow up.” Participating in her first ever media day was a little nerve-racking for Winiewicz, who says, “I was kind of nervous, but I was selected to put the chi in the chi stand. That was my special moment. The chi stand is where the energy comes from, and it powers the whole ride.”

  • Favorite Lego set: Lego Friends: Olivia’s Tree House
  • Favorite activities: Dancing, singing, climbing and building forts
  • Favorite Legoland activity: Island in the Sky
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