Free LEGO Fun


Here are a few Lego tips to help you keep the fun bus rolling during the end of the summer. And the best part is … they are all completely FREE (or almost free)!

Written by Betsy Jewell

1. Build Your Lego Supply

If you don’t have Legos at home, be sure to check out local thrift stores, garage sales and Craig’s List. You may find people selling Legos by the tub. Ask your friends with grown children if they are done using their Legos. Many people are happy to give them away, knowing they will be going to a good home. You don’t need to purchase expensive kits with instructions. We have found that kids have a lot more fun when they use their imagination and make up their own instructions!

2. Have a Lego Block Party

Why not round up all your friends and neighbors this summer and host a Lego Block Party? We often dump our Legos in the driveway and just sit outside in the sunshine and build with friends. It’s a great way for kids (and adults) to spend time using their imaginations and having fun.

3. FREE First Tuesday at Lego Stores

On the first Tuesday of every month, the Lego store at Downtown Disney hosts a FREE “Monthly Mini Model Build” where your child can build a model and take it home at no cost to you. So pop on in for a fun FREE time.

4. Build Together FREE Building Projects

Lego has a website called “Build Together” ( where you can find FREE building projects based on your child’s building ability and the amount of time you have to build. Love this!

5. FREE Lego Magazine (and Lego Jr. Magazine)

If your child(ren) likes to receive snail mail then you might want to sign him/her up for a FREE subscription to Lego Club Magazine. There’s a Lego Club Jr. version for kids 6 and under. Lots of fun stuff to read and do! Sign up here for a FREE two-year subscription …

6. Rebuild allows you to get more bang for your bricks. Just enter in the Lego set numbers you already own, and this site will spit back to you other things you can make with the parts from old sets. This site is not owned, published or endorsed by the Lego company but it’s worth a try!

7. FREE Lego Online Games

And for the computer users in your house, there are lots of FREE Lego games online here:

This should keep your little Lego Builder(s) happy for the rest of the summer. 🙂 One last note: If you have Legos that you don’t use any more, please consider giving them to a friend who would use them. Or, consider donating them to Stenstrom Elementary School for use next year and beyond. We’d be happy to take them off your hands!

Betsy Jewell is the volunteer chairperson for Stenstrom Elementary’s Brick Buddies Lego Club in Oviedo, Florida.

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