Father's Day Craft


Make Dad’s Day extra-special this year by creating a one of a kind altered paintbrush sculpture in his likeness!

Created by Debbie Helton of The Craft Shack

Supply List:

  • 3″ paint brush
  • Double sided foam tape
  • Aluminum Foil ( to create the body)
  • Model Magic in miscellaneous colors
  • Wax Paper (to work on top of)
  • Small cleaned out yogurt container
  • Acrylic Paint (optional)
  • Paint Brush (optional)


  1. Add double sided foam tape to both sides of the paint brush. This will help to hold the aluminum foil “body” in place.
  2. Using skin-toned Model Magic and working on top of wax paper begin to create your Dad’s face. Wrap the “skin” around the metal part of your paint brush and down the handle just a bit (the foam tape in this area will help to hold it in place). Create the eyes, nose, ears and mouth and attach it all to the face. As you do this think about what your Dad really looks like … Does he have glasses? … Does he have a mole or freckle on his cheek, or a mustache or beard? … Does he have an earring?  What makes your Dad unique create it and add it to your figure.
  3. Tear off a medium sized piece of aluminum foil and start to wrap and crumble it around the paint brush handle just below the neck area of your figure. Take another piece of foil and wrap and crumble it over the first layer, but start to build your figure’s base. The bottom should be wide and flat in order for your figure to stand up.
  4. To create the arms tear off 3 medium-sized pieces of aluminum foil and fold them width wise to create 3 bands. Take one of the bands and crumple the aluminum foil to create your figure’s arms. Take the “arm” band and place it behind your figure and bring the arms in front, now use the other two bands to secure the arms by wrapping them one at a time over the shoulders and around the back and back to the front. Position your arms as desired.
  5. Cover the foil body with Model Magic for the shirts and hands. Get creative with your shirts!
  6. Now it is time to personalize your figure. Think about the things that your Dad likes to do; Does he play soccer, does he play guitar, does he listen to his IPod? Use the Model Magic and create that special something or maybe you want to add a cup to your figure so your Dad can use it for his guitar picks, golf tees, pens, spare change or anything his heart desires! Take a used cleaned out yogurt cup and decorate it and place it in your figure’s hands/arms.


Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 12.55.09 AM

Father’s Day Craft Workshop

At The Craft Shack
172 W. Warren Ave., Longwood

Saturday, June 15, 2013
11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

$25 includes all supplies and materials

Call to reserve your spot today: 407-448-1375
The Craft Shack Website


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