Chocolate Kingdom


Orlando’s new chocolate factory tour.

Want to know what heaven smells like? One visit to Chocolate Kingdom, and it’s pretty clear. It’s a family affair for the Schaked family, who just developed the royally fun, interactive family tour in Kissimmee.

This chocolate adventure got started when Edgar’s father announced that he was retiring and selling his chocolate shop in South Florida. Third-generation chocolatier Edgar, determined to keep the family`s passion alive, scrapped his engineering career to continue the family legacy. In 1995, the first Schakolad retail store opened in Winter Park. “We wanted to make it special,” says Schaked, who is married to Aileen and is dad to Max (9) and Sophie (7).

In addition to the Schakolad retail stores, the Schakeds also produce the annual Festival of Chocolate. From there came the idea for Chocolate Kingdom, an interactive chocolate factory tour. “We noticed the eagerness from people to learn more about how chocolate is made,” says Edgar. That’s when Edgar packed up his family and the group traveled to Germany and France and throughout Europe visiting chocolate museums. “I wanted to see how my children would react to the museums,” says Edgar. The reaction? Not good. “They were bored. There was a lot of reading,” he says.

Upon their return, the Schakeds developed a story that would make the Chocolate Kingdom tour entertaining for both adults and children. As a former Disney producer, Aileen created three characters, modeled after her own children, who help tell the story of chocolate. “Prince George the Good Looking is my son (complete with different-colored eyes), Princess Chocolina is my daughter, and the silly dragon is modeled after our dog, Lucy,” says Aileen.

The adorable story line follows Princess Chocolina on her 21st birthday. “Princes from around the land are coming to the castle to bring her a gift in hopes that she will choose one to marry,” says Edgar. The animated story comes replete with a dragon, a dashing prince and a fairy tale ending. “The dragon melts the prince’s gift of chocolate shoes, so the poor prince has to create a new pair,” says Edgar. The animated prince interacts with the audience throughout the 45-minute tour as tour goers learn how chocolate is made. Of course, the prince makes the chocolate shoes, and he gets the girl. Never fear, the audience gets a piece of the fairy tale action by receiving a pair of yummy chocolate shoes.

Tours run daily from 1  to 7 p.m. The cost is $15 for adults and $12 for children 4 to 12 years old.

Chocolate Overload
If you find your kiddo wanting more after the tour, good news! Chocolate Kingdom offers customized birthday parties, private group tours and even summer camps.

Summer camps will run one to three days. The children will learn how to make things with chocolate. We can’t think of a better way to get your chocolate fix!

For more information, call 407-705-3475 or go to

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