Apps to Educate


Kick your kid’s Angry Birds habit, and try these educational apps on for size.

Take a break from the same addictive games and fun-for-a-minute coloring apps. Sure, Temple Run and Dora the Explorer Coloring Adventures! can be fun, but the apps below will keep your kid’s curious mind engaged in learning in a super fun way!

Written by Hap Aziz

As parents, we understand the challenge for our children in mastering the abstract concept of time — sometimes I still have difficulty with it! The Tick Tock Clock app teaches the kiddos how to read analog clocks by showing the passage of time connected to real-life activities. The app even encourages parents and kids’ learning together. It’s available for iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone) and $2.99 to download
from iTunes.

Combining math and geography, the Bubble Combo app offers unique play for learners 10 and up. Travel bubble by bubble around the world, learning about cultures, places, history and music. The blend of arcade style provides action, while the Factoids highlight 99 different locations around the world. Like a delicious ice cream sundae, this app keeps the learner interested with a variety of flavors. It’s available for iOS. Download it from iTunes for free.

Easy peasy even for a toddler, Alphabet Car Lite helps your little one learn how to spell by choosing the right letters. Using their smart device as a steering wheel (easily mastered even by younger children), players match letters to words. It’s the only safe way to text while driving. Have your kiddo do it! The app is available for iOS and Android, and is free to download from iTunes.

It’s all about monkeying around with this super fab app! With a name like Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, it’ll make you want to play it as much as the 2- to 5-year-olds the app targets do. It teaches skills via six different games. Your little one will master counting, pattern matching and identifying colors by using the food found in a monkey’s lunch box. The app is available for iOS and Android. Find it on iTunes for 99 cents.

Does your little one run screaming when it’s bath time? Sick of reminding the kids (ad nauseam) to wash their hands? Pepi Bath is a charming game that lets young children learn personal hygiene through different situations: Pepi (as a boy or girl) standing at the sink, washing clothes, going to a toilet and taking a bath. These activities can be played in any sequence, and the humorous possibilities keep children coming back for more. It’s good, clean fun! It’s available for iOS and Android. Download it for $1.99 from iTunes.

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