Strange Brew: Parenting by Way of Home Brewing

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Hey, don’t be a hoser; what dad doesn’t love beer? We don’t even need to write an intro here because we’ve already referenced the classic Americana film and refered to beer in the title, we know you’re hooked. So, read on … we’ll show you the zen between home brewing and raising your pint-sized kids.

Written by Brant Muekeley

Having beer choices makes us happy. You can brew many different ways. Once you pick the style you want, you have to do it right — or else your beer is going to taste like crap. Same goes for parenting. No, you can’t pick your kids. Nice try. But you can pick how you’re going to raise them. Visualizing your little nose-picking toddler as a literary savant leads us to the path that paves our mentorship and guidance style as dads.

Four Main Ingredients
In brewing, no matter what style you make, there are only four main ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. To keep it pure in parenting, we can keep it simple with four ingredients of our own: confident parent(s), love, patience and consistent discipline.

The “cooking” stage is where all of your hard efforts stew. Here, the artistry comes into the flavor of your brew. Of course, parenting is really more an art form than a science too, so this analogy is an easy stretch. The everyday guidance you give, the consistency of the day-to-day — this is where you brew your child’s outlook on life.

Ha. I bet you think we’re going to tell you the secret to being patient. No one knows that. We can tell you, if you want your beer to turn out great, you have to wait several days for the yeast to work its magic. As for parenting, we lay the groundwork. Then we have to sit back and watch kids make their own choices (and mistakes) as they grow into adulthood.

Enjoy Responsibly
We know we gotta “know when to say when.” With kids you gotta give them the space to be their own person, but know when to step in to guide and center them.

Brant Muekeley is a PLAYGROUND Dad, Environmental Engineer, local business owner, home brewer, gardener (currently growing his own hops) and avid hobbyist but by no means a writer. Him and his wife are raising two kids in Oviedo, Florida. When he mentioned the similarities between brewing and parenting, his wife pressured him to write this article. 

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