For the App-Obsessed (New) Parent

These apps can help you organize and track everything from contractions to baby’s first tooth.

Normal Child, Contraction Master, Eat Sleep app If you’re like me, you will love to document every aspect of your kids’ lives. I’m constantly in Evernote (free; iPhone, iPad, Web, Android) journaling about my son’s sports and my daughter’s funny quips. And in the olden days when I was pregnant (seven years ago), I would’ve been all over an app that allows me to snap a photo of my child and document how much she weighs and how many inches she is. Instead, I have a bunch of slips of paper in a memory box. So, consider yourself lucky.

Normal Child
If you can get over the odd name of this app (who names an app Normal Child?), you’ll be tickled pink with all it does. Keep a detailed record of your child from birth to adulthood (if you so choose, although children get a little ornery by the teenage years). Assign an image to each record; then record your child’s weight, height, head circumference, photos, sizes, diseases, vaccines, allergies and milestones development. We love the image slideshow that shows you exactly how big your child has gotten through the months and years. Plus, it’s easy to record multiple children and email those updates to interested parties (read: grandparents).
Cost: $2
iPhone and iPad
Others to try: Baby Connect ($5: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web) and Baby Log ($5: iPhone, iPad, Black Berry, Android.)

Contraction Master
If you’re a first-time mom, the stress of timing contractions and knowing when to go to the hospital can be brutal. This app allows you to accurately time labor contractions and record your opinion of the strength of the contractions. Plus, it gives you notice that your contractions are close enough and strong enough that you should get to the hospital—pronto! The app even gives you a bar graph so you know your contraction history and can track trends
Cost: $2
iPhone, Android
Others to try: Contraction Monitor (free; iPhone, iPad) and Labor and Contraction Monitor ($2; iPhone, iPad)

Eat Sleep
Does it feel like your newborn is constantly attached to your breast? Are you worried your baby isn’t getting enough? Whether bottle or breast, feeding baby is never without worry. Some days I felt like my baby never stopped eating; other days she didn’t seem interested in food.
This app allows you to record your baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper habits. Plus, its super easy one-finger tap allows you to multitask without having to type in any information. As a work-from-home mom, tracking my baby’s sleep habits helped me plan my schedule. The best part? It keeps a history, so you can view trends week to week or month to month.
Cost: Free
iPhone, iPad
Others to try: Baby Feeding Log (free; iPhone, iPad) andiBaby FeedTimer ($3; iPhone, iPad)

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