Scary Soiree

As the days grow shorter and the nights get colder (ish), we look forward to parades, costumes and sweet treats to usher in the fall season. Also, here are some great tips on how to deck your party with cobweb-clad antiques for the best thrills and chills for your scary soiree. 

Created by Erica Berman of Jayne Lane Events | Photos by Liga Photography


Amuse their senses as soon as they enter your eerie event by costuming the outside of your abode as much as the inside. For an eye-popping first impression, forget the standard graveyard or witch’s house settings, and create the illusion of a haunted factory or a supernatural laboratory by hanging silhouette curtains of figures lurking in the night. Use dim lighting sparingly around the perimeter of your property, and adorn the lawn with other outdoor objects, such as skulls, crows and vintage trinkets, luring guests to enter at their own risk!


This spooky shindig should ooze terror the instant the door creaks open. Set the ominous and ghostly mood by renting a fog or smoke machine to create murky air. Amid the cloudy room should lie an embellished potion table complete with a spell book, specimen jars and peculiar concoctions. To complete the transformation of your home into a 1920s mad scientist’s lair, don’t forget the hodgepodge of trinkets and tattered industrial and technological mechanisms, which can be found at antique shops and flea markets — can you say drah-mah?


Entertain your tiny treaters by igniting their taste buds and eardrums. On the menu: finger foods … literally. In the spirit of the holiday, you can feast on fare like test tube pumpkin soup shots, pig-in-a-blanket chopped fingers and mini-pizza mummies. Since we all know it isn’t a party until dessert is served, dish out scary snack options, such as eyeball donut holes, graveyard parfaits and apple fangs. Serve up creepy kid-friendly beverages, such as Witch’s Brew, Vampire Venom or the kid-friendly Piña Ghoulada, in old apothecary jars. Parents, bring your own “boos” to conjure up the adult versions.



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