Calling All Players


It’s time to play, giggle and do anything BUT act your age. There’s a reason why your kids are so happy and carefree. They play almost all the time. Now, surely you can find a few hours this week to do the same at one of these great locations around town.

Written by Kristen Manieri

Board Games Over Mind Games
What do you get when you mix Monopoly and martinis? You get a night you’ll both be talking about for months. Described as Orlando’s alternative to the typical night out, PlayDate Orlando takes place monthly in swanky nightclubs transformed into epicenters of fun. This fall, events are hosted by Rix Lounge at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Classic games like Trouble, Jenga, Connect Four and Yahtzee grace the tables around the club, with the dance floor reserved for rowdy Twister matches and musical chairs.

Useless Information Wanted
Unleash your inner know-it-all during a round of Earth Trivia at various Orlando venues, such as One Eyed Jacks, Gator’s Dockside and Scruffy Murphy’s. This live trivial pursuit for couples or groups is divided into rounds of 10 questions, each featuring categories like movies, music, TV, science, sports and geography. The top smarties win prizes, like restaurant gift certificates. Warning: Fact-checking with KGB (text 542-542) is strongly frowned upon, but peeking at your partner’s answers is A-OK.

College Days Flashback
Check out ICEBAR Orlando on Monday nights starting at 9 p.m. for a major trip back to your college years. Their weekly Beer Pong tournaments invite teams of two to face off for one of the most inane, yet hilarious, bar games ever invented. Oh, you’re going to act like you’ve never played? (OK, we’ll play along.) Players throw a Ping-Pong ball across a table with the hopes of landing it in a cup of beer lined up at the other end. A ball in the cup means the opposing team must drink their cup of beer. Winning teams go on to face off against their next contender. Dumb, we know, but so much fun—whether you’re winning or losing.

Cordial Competition
Grown-ups do have their own playground, ya know; it’s called Firkin & Kegler, an entertainment mega-center in Waterford Lakes. Share your time between the pub-style restaurant, 32 lanes of bowling, golf simulator and arcade (where air hockey matches become the ideal way to gamble for that evening’s late-night back massage). You’ll love the ample outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying pints of ale and the return to saner Orlando temperatures. Got a late-night pass from Grandma? Get down at Firkin’s nightclub and lounge, called “The Loft,” where great music always takes center stage.

Get your mind out of the gutter—we’re talking bingo, but with a twist. Led by local drag legends Miss Sammy and Carol Lee, Tuesday Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s offers the chance to “eat, drink and be Mary” while enjoying an effortless pastime peppered with spirited songs and feisty comedy. This flamboyant eatery, known for its ’50s flair and colorful customers, boasts 11 burger varieties with names that denote Mary’s naughty and nice personalities. We loved the slightly X-rated drink list packed with enticing libations, like the Juicy Screw and Screaming Orgasm.

DIY Play Time
No sitter? No problem. Tuck the kiddies into bed and then sneak off to your own bedroom for some private play. Your covert couple time can include sexy Scrabble (dirty words only), naked hide-and-seek, or strip Monopoly (pay rent with clothing). Of course, a classic round of Truth or Dare is always a sure bet when it comes to adding some sugar and spice to your liaison.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
E.E. Cummings

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