Bubble Buggies


How often do parents change their child’s diaper, wipe their nose, give them a bath, wash and sanitize their hands, and put them in clean clothes – only to buckle them into a filthy car seat? More times then we’d ever like to know!

Let’s be honest. Children eat, sneeze, vomit and poop in their car seats, strollers, play yards, high chairs and so on. But, how many parents have the time OR energy to thoroughly disinfect the spaces and places where they most often put their child? Not often!

Introducing, Bubble Buggies!

Bubble Buggies is a mobile cleaning service that sanitizes baby gear. Parents go to their website or visit them on Facebook to find a location to drop off your baby gear for cleaning. They will meticulously clean the gear using an eco-friendly and baby-safe process. The gear is ready for pick-up typically within an hour.

Bubble Buggies Car Seat Cleaning Service: Before and After

Before and After


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