Mother's Day Giveaway


Brought to you by PLAYGROUND Magazine and Winter Park Village

(Because We Heart Moms)

One lucky Central Florida Mom will win a fabulous day of pampering that includes more than $500 in gift cards and services at Winter Park Village!


  • $150 gift card to The Cheesecake Factory
  • $150 gift card to your choice of woman’s clothing stores: J.Jill, LOFT, Susie Q Boutique, Versona, Walk on Water or White House Black Market
  • Massage and facial at Hand & Stone ($100 value)
  • Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet
  • $50 gift card to Starbucks
  • Family pack of movie tickets to Regal Cinemas

The Mother’s Day Giveaway begins March 10 and closes April 10, 2015. One lucky winner will be announced and contacted on April 15. Click one or more of the options in the box below to enter.
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  • MagpieStyle

    I love to play the big chess board!

  • Lauren

    I love being able to shop, dine, and be entertained at Winter Park Village!

  • ladylovedesign

    Great giveaway! My favorite thing at the Village is the movie theater.

  • Cassandra

    I love to enjoy dinner at Cheesecake Factory and a movie!

  • Sarah R

    My husband works in WP Village, so it would be fun to meet him there after work and enjoy these goodies!

  • Amie

    I like to go to the movies and go shopping!

  • Melissa

    I love to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my family and shop!

  • Cindy E-m

    I love all the shopping, and then eating at Mitchells.

  • Vicki H

    Love all of Winter Park Village.

  • liz

    I love to walk from one store to the next with my family and then have some lunch.

  • Mary Cinar

    I love having dinner (any restaurant in the WP Village is a great choice), being able to walk around after, and ending up at the movies for a date night 🙂

  • Raymonde Osmin

    Stroll around Winter Park Village is so relaxing: great family activity

  • Jenny Fauser

    I love eating at one of the yummy restaurants and then catching a movie.

  • Shelby Finkelstein

    At night, I love dinner at Mitchells and a movie with my hubby. On a girls afternoon, shopping at Pier One and the Loft with my daughter.

  • Jaime Hamel

    love to window shop and get ice cream

  • Tiffany Meagher

    We love taking the Sunrail down to Winter Park to enjoy a day of fabulous weather, fabulous food, and strolling in the park! My 2 year old loves the fountain!!

  • Dayna

    The atmosphere at Winter Park Village is amazing. I love strolling along with my family checking out what’s going on any given day. The movie theater is great, the shopping is amazing but my fave has tp be the food!

  • summerison

    I love shopping and going out dinner with my family.

  • Lindsay Roy Davis

    There’s so much to do there; it boasts an eclectic variety of restaurants, shops and indulgences (chocolate, massages, and more!). Most importantly, they have provided a strong sense of community by providing public green spaces, art works and sculptures for all ages and families to enjoy. I love the atmosphere!

  • robyn dixon

    Between dinner at Brio a little shopping at the Loft and a movie, I’ve got a perfect day out!

  • ‘Tia R. Cusic

    Cheesecake factory and the movies.

  • Jessica Kirby

    I love shopping at Adjectives Market and then having dinner at Cheesecake Factory! So many great shops to browse and my favorite part of all is that WPV is right around the corner from my house!

  • Erin VanNorstrand-Rodriguez

    Dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory and a movie!

  • jennifer

    My favorite thing to do in winter park village is going to cheesecake factory for some yummy food and drinks then going to the movies! 🙂

  • H.L. Johns

    Dinner at Cheesecake Factory but only after dark so we can see the twinkly lights in the trees… my kids’ favorite part of Winter Park Village!

  • Heather Lipsey-Johnston

    Dinner at Cheesecake Factory but only after dark so we can see the twinkly lights in the trees… my kids’ favorite part of Winter Park Village!

  • Christina

    Happy hour with friends at Ruth’s Chris is my favorite.

  • Lisette Maestre

    My favorite thing to do at Winter Park Village is go to the movies and walk around and shop. I love eating at the restaurants too! It’s the perfect place to go with the family.

  • pnut78

    Favorite thing to do is Dinner and a movie with the family. Then if it’s a date night is a bite to eat and some drinks at Taps.

  • Brandy Ortiz

    I think my favorite part is the Candy store, my girls live going in to look at all the fun and interesting candies.

  • Kate Le

    Have Dinner and Dinner with my husband. Chhescake Factory and Sakari are our favorites!

  • Missie Scott Prichard

    Too hard to choose just one… dinner and movie, shopping, people watching, chess by the fountain, massage and hair and nails… Adjectives is a great new addition!

  • Rachel Vasquez

    Winter Park Village is very special to us. My husband and I went on our first date at Brio. We took our ultrasound photos to dinner and found out over dinner we were having a girl. And we were going on a last date night before baby arrived and I went into labor walking into the movie theatre 🙂 So apparently we like to have big life moments at Winter Park Village 🙂

  • Dinner and a movie – the perfect combination!

  • Lindsay

    I LOVE Adjectives Market! Best new addition to WPV

  • Lisa

    Happy hour at Mitchell’s Fish Market!

  • Erika Spence

    i love shopping at the village – it’s great to have so many options in one place

  • erica

    Now that’s a great Mother’s Day gift!

  • Kelly Moody

    I love shopping in the Village with my best friend, then catching up over cocktails at one of the great restaurants. There are so many great options!

  • Traminator Le

    Shopping and having dinner. It is such an amazing area!

  • Robert Nolan

    Valdiano’s, the movies and walk on water!!

  • Jennifer Essad

    browse when I have time, enjoy dinner/movie with my husband or friends and family

  • Jen

    My favorite thing to do is to have dinner and catch a movie with my family.

  • Catherine Rosado Rodriguez

    Movie and some yogurt with family

  • Toni Marrero

    Movies and Cheesecake Factory

  • Marie Corrales

    My two girls and I love to go out and eat healthy at Crispers. Afterwards, we play outdoor lawn checkers and chess games, located in front of the store. On special occasions, we will stop in at the Cheesecake Factory and get a slice of cheesecake for each one of us to go.
    Lastly, we stop at Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping before heading home. Winter Park Village is me and my little girls weekend fun shopping place!

  • joy

    Going to all the amazing shops and the farmers market with my 4 yr old daughter.

  • Valerie Simons

    Love to eat at the restaurants, go to movies & walk around

  • Adrien Beatty

    I absolutely love the atmosphere and shopping!

  • Heather McLeod

    EAT! We are generally there for food.

  • Kim Wiseman

    Great Eats!

  • Anna Sforza Bonilla

    I love eating, shopping, and enjoying the scenery!

  • Ayleen Brown

    Love grabbing ice cream and walking around all the shops!

  • Christine Berenguer

    This is such a cool spot for a date night with the hubby.

  • Kristina B

    We love to go to the movies and dinner!

  • Sandy Lewis

    I love trying different flavors of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and then going to the movies at Regal Cinema. Shopping at Pier One finishes out a great day at Winter Park Village!

  • Weezy

    Blog comment We Love Pizzeria & Regal cinemas theater

  • Abbe Brown

    I like to enjoy a meal at one of the terrific restaurants then take in a movie.

  • Evelyn Redmond-Washington

    I love going to the movies at Regal Winter Park Village.

  • C Hardy

    I love the movies, shopping and multiple choices for a yummy lunch or dinner!

  • Yahiliz

    We love having lunch there with the family.

  • Rebecca Jacques

    The best pizza and shopping at winter park village.

  • Melissa Shaulis Mazzur

    I love Happy hour at Mitchell’s Fish Market, shopping and taking in a movie!

  • Angie Rimes Hayden

    My favorite thing to do is shop at Walk On Water in Winter Park Village!

  • Retse Saylor

    I would love to win this!

  • andrea cochran

    This is the perfect giveaway, it covers all of a woman’s favorite things!

  • Jen

    I love walking around on cool evenings after a fantastic meal at any of the restaurants!

  • Nadine Wiggins

    I love to have dinner, stroll through the shops, then stay late for a movie!

  • Alicia


  • Nellie Madrigal

    To be honest, I have never gone to Winter Park Village! I know!! Shocker!! But what I love about this giveaway is that not only will I be able to be pampered, but I can spend time with my family at the same time! This year is going to be the first year that my husband is going to celebrate Mother’s Day with me, without my mother in law. She was a mother to me, and our only family support that we have in florida. My family lives in Louisiana, and we never really go out together anymore, since she was the only person we trusted with out two children. His favorite restaurant is Cheesecake Factory, and my children’s favorite food of all time is DESSERT! It would be really nice if we could make a new tradition this year, and know that she’s stoll here with us in spirit. We always spent every single holiday together with her, and this year we have made the best out of every holiday and cherish what we do have. Just seeing them happy and smiling, makes me know that all the sacrifices I give them are more than worth it.

  • Lauren Bradley

    I find myself at Winter Park Village quite a bit…visiting Loft on my lunch break, having date night at Brio, and squeezing in a Sunday Menchie’s run with my girls. Love that you can park and it’s all in one place!

  • We are still new to the area and have not had the chance to visit Winter Park Village yet. This giveaway sounds like a great way to experience what WPV has to offer!

  • Lorie

    I love going to Tea and Tea at Winter Park Village with friends. Also love visiting the Adjectives Market there and going to the Regal Cinemas there.

  • nursebubs

    I love to take a class at The Bar Method, have a refreshing cup of tea at Tea & Tea, shop at Susie Q, a little lunch at Lime, and take in a movie at Regal Cinemas! Winter Park Village has everything!

  • Alicia Kardell

    Lime, Menchies, and a movie!

  • Erin Brennan Chambers

    lunch or drinks with friends!

  • Marci

    I love eating at WP Village. I used to live closer and would eat there several days each week. Now I live in east Orlando and still make the drive but only a couple times a month.

  • Vickie Mnis

    We love going to the movies at winter park village.

  • Wendy

    What a great giveaway! All of a woman’s favorite things!

  • Cassondra Vice

    We love The Cheesecake Factory! The Winter Park Village is such a nice place to go and have a nice afternoon with a few friends or your family. We love it.

  • Nicole Fern-Weston

    We love strolling around the village, grabbing dinner & a movie!

  • Lynsay Woodring

    We love walking along the streets of the Winter Park Village to shop, eat, and play!

  • heather c

    I love the eye candy at Versona, the eclectic mixture of items at Adjectives Market and the food all around!

  • Ely Ann O

    We love going to the movies with the kids!

  • Brittany Millsaps

    Eat at Cheesecake factory and go to the movies

  • Tiffany De Leon

    I love to eat at Valdiano! Being from New York that’s the closest I’m going to get to New York Style Pizza!

  • Shelley Greer Goltara

    Eat at the Cheescake factory & then movie time!

  • Hildred

    What a good prize packages.

  • Hildred

    I never been to Winter Park Village.

  • PLAYGROUND Magazine

    Congratulations to Christine R. — winner of PLAYGROUND Magazine and Winter Park Village’s Mother’s Day Giveaway. Christine won a fabulous day of pampering that includes more than $500 in gift cards and services at Winter Park Village!