Legoland's STEM Programs

Legoland STEM programs

LEGOLAND® Florida makes learning fun by taking imagination outside of the classroom with its third year of educational field trips. The park offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-focused programs that meet Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The programs translate classroom curriculum into real-world examples featuring LEGO products for grades K-6 including the WeDo Robotics LEGO® Education Set and LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT-bots.

Working with LEGOLAND Florida, teachers can choose from a number of programs and associated in-classroom curriculums that tie in to interactive in-park activities. In the park, program facilitators teach kids about science and math concepts through the creation and strength of structures, how to build simple machines equipped with gears, levers, pulleys and motors, and more.

Each of the eight programs, which incorporate STEM and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, includes a 45-minute hands-on, educational session and a full day at the park for just $8 per student. LEGOLAND Florida continues to offer Florida teachers a complimentary annual pass to those who qualify. Field trip reservations are limited per day and can be booked by appropriate school officials by calling 1.877.350.5346.

Field trip programs include:

  • Tall Towers (Grades K-3): Students learn about how structures are made and what makes them strong and then test their creation on an earthquake table.
  • Funtastic Gears (Grades K-2): Students build a theme park ride using gears to alter the speed and direction.
  • Robotics for Young Beginners (Grades 1-2): Students will build a Florida alligator and make it move to learn introductory concepts of robotics using motors and sensors. Program uses WeDo Robotics LEGO Education Set.
  • Get Moving (Grades 2-5): Students build a car and predict which car will win the race and why – all while learning about friction, inertia and wind resistance.
  • Energy Lab (Grades 2-6): Students build a solar-powered car where they collect, store and transfer the solar energy to power their vehicle.
  • Amazing Machines (Grades 3-6): Students build their own amazing machine equipped with gears, levers, pulleys and motors.
  • Dr. Heartbeat (Grades 3-6): With students at the helm, “Dr. Heartbeat” and other NXT-bots complete a variety of life-saving operations and medical procedures using a computer, light & sound sensors and motors.
  • Adventure Bot (Grades 3-6): Students can go on a mission using Adventure-bots to retrieve golden marble treasures and hide them from the treasure hunters using a computer, light and sound sensors and motors.

To learn more about education programs at LEGOLAND Florida, please visit

In addition to the education programs, LEGOLAND Florida guests can experience more than 50 rides, shows and attractions specifically geared toward families with children ages 2 to 12. To find out more, visit

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